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                                                                         ​Perrin Jones, MD

                                                   Plectics Medical Solutions


     Dr. Perrin Jones is a clinical anesthesiologist, practicing for over a decade, at a Level 1 Trauma Center in North Carolina.  
After graduating UNC-Chapel Hill with honors, Dr. Jones earned a medical degree from Wake Forest University and completed an anesthesiology residency at Dartmouth. 
In addition to clinical responsibilities, Dr. Jones is the current President of the North Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists (NCSA).  As a significant contributor and co-author of a series of nationally recognized white papers dealing with ACOs, specialist integration and shared savings distribution, Dr. Jones is a leading expert in organizational modeling and care delivery.
     These white papers provided the basis for the North Carolina Medical Foundation's 'Toward Accountable Care Consortium,' of which Dr. Jones is a founding member.  This consortium has published numerous specialty specific ACO guides, instrumental in preparing physicians for the transition from fee for service to value based reimbursement. 
     Turning insight into action, Dr. Jones helped establish the Rio Grande Valley Health Alliance (RGVHA), a CMS accredited, MSSP ACO operating in McAllen, Texas.  The RGVHA, comprised of 14 PCPs located in 9 locations serving ~5500 patients, saved $6M in its first year of operation while realizing 90% of CMS required quality metrics. 
     Fueled by the RVGHA’s success, Dr. Jones coordinated a clinical integration project focusing on morbid obesity in eastern North Carolina.  This primary and specialty physician collaborative functioned as a 'Surgical Home' model for patients and providers. Out of this highly successful and well received endeavor, a blueprint emerged for all surgical patients requiring  preoperative evaluation prior to surgery.  
     Coupled with a proprietary shared savings distribution calculation, this 'Surgical Home' model perfectly complements an ACO looking to integrate sub specialists.  It is also ideal for a health system or insurer looking to establish bundled payment plans for  episodes of care. 
     With a breadth of clinical experience and extensive ACO knowledge base, Dr. Jones is uniquely poised to generate substantial value for any healthcare organization or insurer.

                                                     ​​Gregory B Davis, MD

                                                     Chief Medical Officer
                                                     Plectics Medical Solutions

    Dr. Davis is a board certified, Harvard trained, anesthesiologist  providing direct clinical care in a complex medical and surgical environment for the past 15 years. Over the past decade and a half, Dr. Davis has established himself as a leader in the field of peri operative medicine and anesthesia services.  As Medical Director of the Pre Admission Test Center at a Level 1 trauma center and the Chair of Quality for the Department of Anesthesiology, Peri Operative Medicine, and Pain Management, Dr Davis was instrumental in developing a series of patient management protocols which were adopted hospital wide including:  1) Peri operative beta blockade guidelines for non cardiac surgery.  2) Pre, intra, and post operative guidelines for blood glucose management in the diabetic surgical patient, 3) Guidelines for the management of surgical patients with obstructive sleep apnea, 4) A  mechanism to identify opioid sensitive patients peri operatively with subsequent alterations in the post operative pain management strategy, thereby minimizing the risk of adverse respiratory events during the patient’s entire length of stay,  including a Peripheral Nerve Catheter Program for elective orthopedic and trauma patients, 5) Protocols to decrease post operative nausea and vomiting, 6) Strategies to decrease post operative pain scores and improve patient satisfaction in the recovery room.  Lastly, Dr. Davis, in concert with Dr. Perrin Jones, CEO of Plectics Medical Solutions, created a comprehensive methodology for efficiently evaluating surgical patients in the preoperative setting.  
    The application of this innovative approach to the preoperative process led to: 1) Drastic reductions in the same day surgery cancellation rate, resulting in significant savings to the health system, 2) Substantial reductions in the costs associated with preparing a patient for elective surgery, 3) Improved patient satisfaction with the preoperative process, 4) Greater surgeon satisfaction with the peri operative process secondary to effective communication and augmented office and operating room efficiencies, 5) Enhanced patient safety by optimizing pre admission test center resources, leading to more thorough preoperative evaluations for surgical patients, 6) Better communication between patients, medical consultants, surgeons, and primary care physicians.
    As Chief Medical Officer for Plectics Medical Solutions, Dr. Davis combines vast clinical experience with contemporary evidence based medicine to ensure that the solutions developed by Plectics for your hospital, health system, or provider network are the most beneficial and impactful.