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• Large healthcare center in North Carolina wanted to decrease their day of surgery delay and cancellation rate.

•  Redesigned patient flow pattern from surgeons office through the established Preoperative Testing Center (PTC).
•  Redesigned testing protocol flow diagrams, easing implementation for PTC staff.
•  Reviewed existing preoperative testing protocol.
•  Standardized implementation of testing protocol for all patients visiting the PTC.
•  Embedded entire process into existing hospital based EMR.
•  Introduced the proprietary concept and process to reduce preoperative tests

•  Total 2015 savings ~$8 Million

•  During first 4 months of applying preoperative assessment methodology only, case cancellation numbers for same day surgery patients across the board declined from 18.3/month to 5.6/month.  After 1 year of implementation, case cancellations for elective surgery decreased to 0.5/month.

•  Surgeons participating in Plectics Medical Solution's total implementation had a cancellation rate of 0.2% compared to 20% for the same cohort of patients using the health system's current process.
•  Redesigned testing protocols reduced the need for preoperative tests by 62%
•  Redesigned testing protocols reduced costs by ~60%
•  Improved patient, physician, nursing satisfaction