Streamlining Health Care Delivery

Turning Data into Insight, and Insight into Action®

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     Plectics Medical Solutions combines advanced cloud-based data analytics and data driven intervention platforms to achieve meaningful impact in clinical and quality outcomes, operational, and financial performance across the healthcare landscape. Plectics Medical Solutions’ unique value proposition is delivered through the effective progression of Turning Data into Insight, and Insight into Action®.   Customer datasets, integration technologies, sophisticated predictive analytics, and deep subject matter expertise are leveraged to deliver a seamless solution that aligns the benefits of big data and large-scale analytics with the point of care.    The end result is a powerful suite of solutions that improve quality and lower costs for health plans, ACOs, hospitals, physicians, patients, and researchers. 

​                    Making A Difference   Delivering Integrated Data Driven Solutions
     Healthcare organizations today face unrelenting pressure to achieve higher standards of care and patient satisfaction while improving financial performance and securing more value for their patients.  Advanced data driven intervention platforms offer insight into solutions for these daunting challenges.  Plectics Medical Solutions combines patient data with advanced analytics to improve gaps in care, quality, documentation, and assessment — Turning Data into Insight, and Insight into Action®.

     Clients can count on Plectics Medical Solutions to effectively deliver the technological support essential for addressing any healthcare dilemma, without the complexity of data integration and multiple vendor contract management.  As healthcare organizations attempt to navigate today’s turbulent and uncertain medical landscape, Plectics Medical Solutions will continue to provide cutting edge data driven methods to attain:
     ​                    • Improved Clinical & Quality Outcomes
     ​                    • Increased Risk Score Accuracy & Insight
    ​                     • Greater Utilization Efficiency
 ​                        • Better Regulatory Compliance 
  ​                       • Enhanced Financial Performance & Insight
​                         • Heightened Research & Strategic Insights
     Providers competing in this new “value based era of medicine” can no longer suffer the inefficiencies associated with outdated treatment modalities, operating unaware of quality improvement initiatives, practicing without coordinated patient outreach programs, failing to utilize data driven analytics.  Data is the catalyst advancing the evolution of healthcare.  An evolution engendering enhanced patient care, accountability, and long term viability.

​                    Clinical and Quality Outcomes  |  Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Solutions
     Plectics Medical Solutions materially assists ACOs in their pursuit of efficiency and prosperity through an amalgamation of key components. First, Plectics Medical Solutions enables advanced data integration and insight. Critical to ACOs is the ability to gain and leverage understanding with respect to the comorbidity and disease state of its members as well as an individual’s risk-score status. These factors combined with utilization and quality outcome data coalesce to allow formulation of comprehensive and goal directed care plans.  Data assimilation, data integrity, and data insight reporting is required to achieve this end.  Plectics Medical Solutions provides a means by which vast sums of data can be integrated from disparate systems. Once this process is complete, proprietary technology, analytics, and workflows are employed to provide ACO clients with keen insights related to the metrics necessary for an ACO’s success: quality, risk-score accuracy, utilization, and compliance.  Plectics Medical Solutions’ service platform allows for real-time, multivariate, customizable reporting across multiple star schemas. The result is a powerful command of membership, provider, and facility performance status permitting critical decision making, financial forecasting, and resource management allocation.  Second, Plectics Medical Solutions leverages an ACO’s data to produce: 1) Robust predictive analytics, 2) Advanced risk adjustment accuracy, 3) Quality improvement analysis, 4) Care coordination schemes, 5) Regulatory compliance adherence, 6) Audit support, and 7) Utilization efficiencies. Third, Plectics Medical Solutions integrates with a host of Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems allowing ACOs to maximize established infrastructure and investment to reach higher profitability within existing operational workflows. Finally, Plectics offers proven methodologies to integrate sub specialists, and their patients,  into a PCP based ACO.  Embedded within this matrix is a proprietary financial calculation that distributes bundled payments and shared savings to all providers in an equitable fashion.

                   Healthcare Data Insights  |  Business Intelligence & Reporting
     A savvy business intelligence and reporting solution capitalizes on the relationship between data and outcome vis a vis membership characteristics, clinical and quality interventions, cost and utilization assessments, revenue and risk adjustments, patient outreach programs, and region specific comparative analyses.  These tools both inform and guide the business decision making process. 

                   Distributed Analytics  |  Custom Datasets and Registries
     Plectics Medical Solutions utilizes distributed analytics  to provide a state-of-the-art strategic platform which combines meaningful data and powerful analytical tools. This

user-friendly interface offers superior analytical functionality without requiring advanced statistical, epidemiological, or programming experience. 
     Plectics Medical Solutions delivers comprehensive custom healthcare datasets and registries.   Collaboration with clients takes place to identify the right parameters, determine sample sizes, direct inclusion criteria, and target valuable supplementation sources.  Custom datasets and registries are then formulated to drive quality reporting metrics for providers, healthcare research, medical product safety testing and predictive modeling.